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Chinese Take-Out Box

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Make a Chinese take out box costume out of a box and a few other items that are found in the house! You need- -A fairly big size box, somewhere in between a microwave size box and an oven size box. -White...

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Thor – Movie Inspired Costume by Jason

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I made this costume for a Soccer club fundraiser. Being a huge fan of Thor and having just seen the movie I decided to create this costume. The Helmet and Hammer was purchased from and the wig...

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How to Make a Princess Peach Costume

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Learning how to make a Princess Peach costume is really quite simple.  As...

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Brazil Carnival Costumes

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The grand tradition of the Carnival of Brazil is celebrated every year...

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How to Make a Jack Sparrow Costume

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Jack Sparrow, from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise has...

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Secrets of a SNL Dick in a Box Costume

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Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake are still making us laugh with the...

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How to Make a Captain America Costume

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True to what you’d expect, a Captain America costume is red, white and...

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