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3 Totally Different Tooth Fairy Costume Ideas

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Is it any wonder why there are so many Tooth Fairy Costume Ideas? She’s a beautiful fairy that changes a baby tooth slipped under a pillow into money while we sleep. Of course we’re going to want to honor those wonderful childhood memories with costumes!

Traditionally the Tooth Fairy is a gorgeous woman with flowing blond hair, a white dress, and glimmering wings. These are not those costumes.


Cute Tooth Fairy Costume

Cute Girl Tooth Fairy Costume

photo by Jason Alley

This girl is all about cute in this costume! Check out the cute stitched design on her shirt, matching blue tutu, and white wings. Her accessories are the best! The tooth tiara is adorable and that wand would help convince any tooth to come to her. Of course, she hasn’t forgotten her bag to carry all the teeth from all the children. If you’re going for cute, follow this girl’s lead!




Twisted Tooth Fairy Costume

Twisted Tooth Fairy Costume

I'm after your teeth!
photo by AlmostJaded

The Twisted Tooth Fairy is the dark side of the Tooth Fairies. She’s after your teeth, in your mouth or not! Her wand could be used to knock those teeth out and if the wand doesn’t do it, the fangs will. Those crinkled, dark wings may be punishment for all her stealing but you can be sure she’s out for more teeth to add to accessorize her hair. Pray you don’t meet her in a dark alley.




Funny Boy Tooth Fairy

Adult Man Funny Tooth Fairy Costume

How do you like my tutu?
photo by Dain Sandoval

This guy is out for laughs and he’s going to get them in his Tooth Fairy Costume. This idea is pretty basic, a t-shirt with a tooth, some whitie-tighties, tutu, wings and a bow on top. Love that he kept the black and white theme with the sneakers and tattoo. Give him a white man bag and he’d be perfect!





Have a fun idea? Add Your Tooth Fairy Costume Ideas!

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