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Pop Star Inspired Black and White Costumes

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Sometimes you need a costume that is only black and white. Maybe for a Black and White Ball or Party… maybe for a 50’s party… maybe just because you want to stand out at Halloween. No worries, all you have to do is look at World Famous Pop Stars for lots of Black and White Costume Ideas!


Black and White Michael Jackson Costumes

Through his years of fame, Michael relied heavily on black and white looks the Bad cover to the hit song Black or White. Choose a look you like, grab a wig and glove and you’re set.

Michael Jackson Black White Costume

My Flamingo Move

Michael Jackson Bad Black White Costume

Got Buckles?

Michael Jackson Bad Black and White Costume

Check out my glove


Madonna Black and White Costumes

The Material Girl loves black and white and hasn’t been afraid to show it. Can you blame her? It’s just human nature. From the pages of Elle to “Boy Toy” to the cone bra, you’re sure to find a black and white costume you’ll rock!

Madonna Boy Toy Black White Costume

Wanna Play?

Black White Madonna Costume Cones Vogue

Strike a Pose!

Black White Madonna Costume

In the pages of Elle


Black & White Lady Gaga Costumes

Lady Gaga Costumes are famed and well-known. This beautiful diva has given us plenty of black and white costume choices to make our own. Go ahead you little monster and dress up like your Lady… you know you want to.

Lady Gaga Prison Telephone Black White Costume

I got your number

Lady Gaga Costume Black White Gown

Princess Leia Buns Rock!

Lady Gaga Costume Black White Circle Dress

Does this make my hips look round?


Know other pop stars that have rocked black and white?? Share with us in the comments!


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