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How to Make a Homemade Thor Costume

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Awesome Thor Costume

Awesome Thor Costume
photo by hyperion327

Based on the mighty Norse God of Thunder, Thor has been a popular superhero since his debut in 1962. Once you know how to make a Thor costume, you can easily transform into a proud and thunderous warrior. This costume works for all ages and genders so have fun with it!


Start with the Thor Cape

The cape, long, red and flowing, is an essential symbol of the Viking, Thor. You can make your own cape with a red sheet, a curtain or any other long flowing material you can round up. Cut a semi-circle neck hole in the cape and attach a strip of stick on velcro underneath at the shoulders. Attach another piece of velcro to the shoulders of the shirt beneath. Use the velcro to properly hold the cloak in place. Using rope or other types of fasteners can be uncomfortable as the cloak may pull back against your throat. However, velcro works wonderfully to hold the Thor cape into place.


Body of the Thor Costume

Black pants and shirt make up the body of the costume. You can play around with adding chain mail to the arms, or you can choose a short sleeved, tight black shirt if you have Thor like muscles to show off. If your arms are a little on the thin side, however, add some silver tulle, mesh or other fabric to the sleeves to create a chain mail look.

Woman Thor Costume

This is how the ladies do it! Gorgeous!
photo by San Diego Shooter

Again, depending on your physique, you might wish to add an armoured chest plate. You can create your own with cardboard and spray paint. The typical Viking armor is usually brown or silver, but it can also be black. Add some foil discs and lightning bolts around the breastplate section, or you can get creative and add some fierce looking short spikes. Use wide elastic sewing band to hold the armour in place, or tie it around your body with ribbon.

Of course, if you already have a buff body, show it off. Use a brown or black tight fitting vest and splash it up with some chains, silver or gold discs or other fear inspiring accessories. The Thor costume is all about being intimidating, so the bolder the better. Don’t forget the golden lightning bolt!

Black, brown, tan or even red boots will pull the outfit together. All you have left are the finishing Thor touches to turn your Viking warrior costume into the God of Thunder.


Thor Hammer & Helmet

It wouldn’t be a Thor costume without the legendary hammer and Viking helmet. The hammer should be prominent, so don’t choose a timid little toy. It is, after all, a weapon to fight off giants. You can make your own hammer with a simple block of foam available at most craft outlets or floral supply stores. Make sure you spray paint it stone gray.

Last but not least, Thor’s Viking helmet. You can find a gold or silver horned helmet in almost any costume store or you can choose a winged one, since Thor is a Viking God. If you’re feeling crafty, attach your own wings to the helmet. You can pick up some foam or plastic wings at craft stores that will easily glue onto your helmet and complete the look.


Thor Attitude

Once you know how to make a Thor costume, all you have left to do is roar like thunder and behave like a mighty warrior. Be loud, be proud and be the mighty Thor!

Child Thor Costume

This Kid has the Thor Attitude!
photo by popculturegeek



Buy a Thor Costume

Sound like too much work? Then buy a Thor Costume.



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