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How to Make a Green Lantern Costume

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Green Lantern Costume

Green Lantern Costume
photo by PopCultureGeek

The Green Lantern has worn a few different costumes over the years, and the 2011 movie version offers another new look for the hero once again.  However, the trademarks of any Green Lantern costume remain the same regardless of the different stylings.  They are of-course, the eye mask, the green lantern ring and the lantern symbol proudly displayed on the front of the costume.



Next comes the ring.  Another accessory the Green Lantern costume won’t be complete without.  You will find this in comic book stores, toy stores or department and discount stores.  You can choose from glowing rings or just standard rings, and of-course, the ring ranges in price accordingly.


Green Lantern Costume

Finally, prepare your costume.  The clothing itself is typically emerald green, black or a combination of the two.  This gives you lots of flexibility to put together a great outfit.

Ideally, you can use a long sleeved, green body leotard with a mock collar, but if you can’t find one, you can substitute a green mock neck shirt.  Any discount store, department store or even a thrift store will have the shirts available.  For the body leotard, you might have to try speciality stores, such as costume shops, dance-wear stores or try a few online shops.

The pants can be either green or black, depending on your preference and the type of Green Lantern costume you wish to make.  If you choose a body leotard, you can probably get matching green tights to go with it.  Otherwise, you can wear any type of black or green cotton pants to complete the body of the costume.


Eye Mask

Green Lantern Lady

Green Lantern Lady
photo by PopCultureGeek

The eye mask should be green of-course.  You can pick one up at any costume shop, dollar store or a department store.  You can also use some green craft foam to cut out your own mask, and attach it with a rubber string.  If you don’t like the string, use a little two-sided craft tape and affix the mask to your skin.


Green Lantern Boots

The best boots for your costume are standard rubber boots that can be spray painted green.  However, if you like, you can use leather boots, but they can be quite costly.  You can also check costume shops for Green Lantern boots made of rubberized foam over a standard foot placement, but these can also be rather costly.  Rubber boots, however, fit the bill well and complement the Green Lantern outfit.


Lantern Symbol

The final touch to make your Green Lantern costume is the lantern symbol.  You can make your own and trace it right onto the body of your outfit, or you can pick up an iron on transfer, sew on patch, or even a green lantern sticker.  The most important part of the lantern is that it be displayed on the front of your costume, preferably around the chest area.  The exact placement is up to you, but you won’t be recognized as the Green Lantern without the crest.

Painted On Green Lantern Costume

Painted On Green Lantern Costume
photo by Clinton Steeds


Make it Yours

Now that you know the essentials about how to make a Green Lantern costume, go ahead and personalize.  Carry a lantern, add some foam muscle under the body piece or even paint on the eye mask.  Get as creative as you like with your costume design, as long as you remember the three key elements that bring the Green Lantern to life. Heck, you could even just paint on your costume.


Buy a Costume

Don’t feel like doing the work? Buy one of these Green Lantern costumes!

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