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How to Make a Jack Sparrow Costume

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Homemade Jack Sparrow Costume

Great Captain Jack Impression!
photo by Stuck in Customs

Jack Sparrow, from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise has reinvented the classic pirate look.  While much of his garb is traditional pirate wear, when it comes to making a Jack Sparrow costume, it’s all about the details.


Basic Jack Sparrow Outfit

The outfit itself is actually rather simple.   A white, loose fitting shirt coupled with dark pants, brown, navy or black in can be picked up at any thrift store to start the base of the costume.  A shirt that’s a size or two too big will fit the bill perfectly.  Add a long, dark coloured, sleeveless vest or trench coat.  If you are in a pinch, a long, button front shirt with the sleeves cut off and collar removed will work.  Pin or use hem tape to fold the chest area down to a V-shape to make a vest.

Brown or black high top boots will complete the basic ensemble.  You can rough up the pants and vest by rubbing them lightly with some sandpaper for the worn down seafaring look of a pirate. Next comes the all important Jack Sparrow details that turn the typical pirate costume into Captain Jack.


Jack Sparrow Costume Details

The waist of the vest must be tied with a silk scarf.  Red is best, but you can use any bright colour.  The head wear can be the tricorn hat over a red bandana or just the bandana itself.  Again, you can have a little self expression here, since Jack’s character is both eccentric and flamboyant when it comes to his sense of style.  Next, you must bejewel yourself.

Jack wears a total of four rings on a single hand.  So break out the baubles and costume jewelry.  Remember, this is pirate booty, so think gemstones and gold.  You can add gold hoop earrings, but they might not be noticed under the Jack Sparrow hair.

Speaking of hair, Captain Jack’s locks are practically his trademark.  You can find a wig or a hat with corn rows attached, or you can make your own.  It’s really quite simple.  Take a strip of hair and twist it a few times.  Using a nylon brush, run the brush from bottom to top of the strand to pull loose some strands, finishing each back brushed section with freezing spray or hair spray.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Ya certainly put the shiver in me timber
photo by greyloch

Next, comes the hair bling.  Your local craft shop or dollar store should have a variety clip on beads and feathers you can use to finish off the hair.  Remember, when it comes to Jack Sparrow, big and bold is always better.


Jack Sparrow Makeup

Finally, what self respecting pirate of the seas goes out without his make-up on?  Yes, Jack indeed wears eyeliner.  However, he’s also deeply tanned, so you should start with a bronzer to darken your skin for the sun soaked look.  Next, using black eyeliner, rim your eyes liberally with black liner.  Use a makeup sponge or even your finger to smudge the lines a bit.


Other Jack Costume Items

The weapons of choice for Captain Jack Sparrow include a cutlass and a flintlock pistol.  Last, but not least, before heading out for a night of pillaging, make sure you check your trusted compass, to lead you to your hearts’ desire.


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