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How to Make a Captain America Costume

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Homemade Captain America Costume

Love the attention to detail!

True to what you’d expect, a Captain America costume is red, white and blue.  Imagine that! ;-) Stars and stripes make up his uniform, making it look intricate at first glance.  However, you can make this costume with very little trouble in either the classic look or for the latest, go for more of The First Avenger movie costume look. Of course, you can also simply buy a Captain America Costume too.


Captain America Costume Basics

Start with the blue.  Whether you prefer the movie version or the beloved comic book character, the body of the outfit is dark blue.  You can use a full piece body suit, but matching pants and a long sleeved mock neck shirt work very well.

The midsection and waist of your Captain America costume are red and white vertical stripes.  You can purchase some broad white fabric and paint on bold red stripes.  If you wish, you can sew on red strips of fabric to create your red and white stripes. Measure the midriff material so it’s a snug fit, and secure it at the back using velcro or buttons.


Captain America Costume Homemade

Great take on how to make the costume!
photo by kevindooley

The Captain America Chest Star

The chest of your outfit should be emblazoned with a white star.  You can use cloth, craft foam, or an iron on decal of a large white star and place it dead centre on the chest of your Captain America costume.  Add some high top, black, tan or dark blue boots and the basic outfit is ready to be accessorized.


Captain America Shield

Captain America, especially in his latest movie, The First Avenger, is quickly recognized by his trusted shield.  A large round shield can be made from cardboard, but corrugated white poster board is easier.  The outer most edge of the shield is a red stripe, followed by a white stripe, and a second red stripe, bringing you to the core center.  The bull’s eye of the shield is a white star against a blue back drop.  All of this can be easily added with stencils and paint.


Strong Woman Captain America Costume

Watch out boys!
photo by scragz

Head Gear

Captain America wears a matching helmet and eye mask, also in dark blue.  You can create your own or pick them up at a costume shop.  The traditional capital letter A is printed in white on the forefront of the helmet.


Sexy Woman Captain America Costumes

You don’t have to be a guy to pull this look off! These women have done a great job at making Captain America totally female and absolutely sexy! If you want to make your costume a little more revealing, simply cut out more fabric in the top and use a skirt instead of pants. These costumes will surely keep the guys checking you out!


Sexy Captain America Costumes

Our Smiles are our best Weapons
photo by

Make it Yours

Once you make a Captain America costume, you can personalize it according to your preferences with stars and stripes.  Adding white stars to the biceps of the shirt or red stripes to the boot cuffs is quite popular in some costumes, but it’s really up to you to decide what your version of the Captain America Costume will look like.

In any case, practice your shield throwing and saluting! Captain America is a hero and if you’re going to wear the costume then YOU are the hero!


Buy a Captain America Costume

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