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Secrets of a SNL Dick in a Box Costume

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SNL Dick in a Box Costume

Best. Gift. Ever.

Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake are still making us laugh with the hilarious “Dick in a Box” skit from Saturday Night Live! Right? Right! So when my friend Ira sent me a picture of his SNL Dick in a Box Costume, I just knew I had to share it with you guys.

The song famously tells you how to make this very special gift:

  1. “Cut a hole in a box”
  2. “Put your junk in that box”
  3. “Make her open the box…”

Ira is great, so he agreed to be interviewed and cover steps 1 & 2. Step 3 is all up to you!

Interview with Ira


LC: How did you make the Dick in Box costume?

Ira: We went to a thrift store and found the sunglasses and 90’s colored shirts. Then got the gold chains at a costume shop – Chris (my 7’ tall friend) also got blonde temporary spray-on hair color (he’s brunette). I didn’t plan in advance to grow my facial hair enough, so I smudged eyeliner on my mustache and chinstrap/beard to make the stubble look a lot thicker.

For the boxes, we went to target and found these Pixar cars themed gift boxes with lids. We wrapped them with fancy wedding gift wrap.


LC: How did you connect the box?

Ira: To attach them, we cut two vertical slits like this:

Saturday Night Live Dick in a Box Costume How-To 1

Belt Holes
photo by Ira

Then threaded our belts through the slits and bucked them inside the box.

Then we cut a hole for optional belt-free use, haha (untested)

SNL Dick in a Box Costume How-To 2

Strategic Cutouts
photo by Ira


LC: Any tips for step 3 of your Legendary SNL Costume?

Ira: All the girls at the party wanted to see what was in our boxes, so we started putting things like cookies and our cell phones in there as a surprise :) .

The boxes were actually really handy and useful for carrying car keys and wallets too.

Get Ready – the Dick in a Box Video

If you haven’t already, rewatch the video in preparation for your night. You’ll be getting a lot of attention!




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