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Super Bunnies – Sexy Man Costume Idea

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Super Bunnies Sexy Man Costume

Baby Wanna Carrot?

These super bunnies are super hot! If you need a sexy man costume, look no further. I mean, how do you go wrong with shirtless AND superhero? You don’t and that’s why these guys have those big ol’ grins on their face!

This costume is pretty easy to make if you start with a Superman Costume. Simply cut off the top about 2 inches above the belt. Take those 2 inches and fold them behind the belt and glue them down. That way you don’t have any frayed edges from cutting the top.

Tie the cape on and add some bunny ears and you’re all set!

If you don’t have the abs that these guys have, don’t worry. Call up your local spray tanner and ask them if they do spray on abs. If they don’t, the grab one of those ab t-shirts and you’re good to go.

Now, if you’re going to act like a Super Bunny, you need to be sure to mix bunny with American icon. Not easy to do… I know Superman was raised in Kansas so he’s probably seen some furry bunnies but I’d take more of the Playboy Bunny route. Act sexy and super confident and you’ll nail this super sexy man costume.

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