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How to Make a Princess Peach Costume

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Princess Peach Costume

That smile makes the costume shine!
photo by phr3qu3ncy

Learning how to make a Princess Peach costume is really quite simple.  As many of our favorite Nintendo characters, the outfits are generally uncomplicated and you can pull them together with clothing you probably already have.


Princess Peach Costume Dress

Princess Peach is no exception.  Dig through your closet, or maybe your attic, to find that old pink bridesmaid or prom dress.  Nothing there?  Hit up the thrift store or local consignment shop to find yourself a full length pink gown.  Of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try a fun and flirty pink mini-dress.  Either way, you’re half way to becoming Princess Peach.


Pendant and Crown

A Princess Peach costume must have her trademark sapphire pendant, worn on her chest.  You can find costume jewelry at most dollar stores, toy stores or department stores.  If not, you can always hit up the craft store and make your own. A little glue and you’re on your way.

Princess Peach loves her crown.  The key to the crown for a Princess Peach costume is the signature jewels.  Princess Peach is recognized for wearing rubies and sapphires.  Feeling crafty? You can make your own with a headband, cardboard and tin foil, or pick one up at the local dollar store or toy store.  If your crown doesn’t have the right stones, you can glue on your own.  You’ll need a ruby in the centre, flagged by a sapphire on each temple.


Princess Peach Shoes & Gloves

No pretty princess is complete without majestic accessories.  Let’s start with the shoes.  If you’re planning to be on your feet all night, you should choose shoes with a lower heel.  Ideally, your shoes should be red pumps, but you can get away with black, white or even silver. Comfort is important, but be careful to wear shoes that won’t catch on the back of your dress when you walk.  Ballet slippers or high heels, any dressy little shoes will make you a princess.

The final step to discover how to make a Princess Peach costume is the long, white gloves.  This can be a tough one, and not likely something you’ll find in your dresser or closet already.  You can check the thrift stores, but you might have to try a costume store.  If you have no luck finding a pair that’s reasonably priced, you can always make your own.

Start with a pair of short white gloves.  You can find an inexpensive pair at your local drugstore, since they are commonly used to wear overnight for people with very dry skin.  Next, take a pair of old white tights (the stretchy kind), and cut them to the desired length.  Attach your tights to your gloves with glue, velcro or if you’re handy with a needle and thread, sew them together.  If you’re concerned about the seams, find some pretty white lace or ribbon to cover the seams.

Add a blonde wig and voila!  Your Princess Peach costume is complete.


Buy a Princess Peach Costume

Don’t feel like doing the work? There are some great costumes available:

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