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Doodlebops Halloween Costumes

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Doodlebops Halloween Costumes

Doodlebops! Rooney, DeeDee, & Moe!

The popularity of the television show makes Doodlebops Halloween Costumes a sure-fire hit for toddlers and preschoolers to dress up in for trick-or-treating.  The bright colors and fun accessories bring young imaginations to life, as they sing and dance their way from door-to-door.

Part of the reason children love to mimic the three Doodlebops characters, is the chance to explore the colorful and fun loving nature of their own personalities.  What little girl doesn’t adore dressing up in purple and pink, just like DeeDee?  And certainly no young boy has missed the opportunity to bang up his mother’s pots and pans during an imaginary drum solo.  And of course, who among us hasn’t wielded the classic air guitar?

The ambitious nature of the Doodlebops characters are a perfect fit for young children, who are equally full of energy, excitement and vitality.    Dressing up in Doodlebops Halloween Costumes gives these young wonders the chance to express all that energy.


DeeDee Doodlebop Costume

DeeDee is the keytar player of the band.  She is the ultimate chic rocker, with bright pink hair and a purple and pink dress.   Her classic keyboard cut-out embroiders her dress, and like all the Doodlebops, she always wears matching gloves.


Moe Doodlebop Costume

Loud and proud, just like any good drummer should be, Moe Doodlebop likes to stand out from a crowd.  Bright orange hair along with a matching jumpsuit reminiscent of the sixties, Moe is certainly never hidden behind his drums.


Rooney Doodlebop Costume

Dressed in a blue from head to toe, Rooney, the guitar playing member of the group also sprouts a funky blue shag of hair.  His wild hair is easy to duplicate using strips of cloth or even craft foam.  Rooney is a lot of fun, and his jumpsuit is easy to make on your own.


Doodlebop Halloween Costume Accessories

The key elements of Doodlebops Halloween costumes are the brightly colored hair, matching outfits and the gloves.  The instruments are a fun accessory, especially for parties or other events, but they can be a little cumbersome to carry while trick-or-treating.  Doodlebops make great theme costumes when going out as a group, but are just as cute and fun for a single toddler.


You can make your own Doodlebops costumes, or you can purchase them already made from most local retailers.  Adult costumes are a little harder to come by, but they can be ordered online, or you can get creative and make your own adult Doodlebops Halloween costumes.


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