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Little Lion Man Toddler Costumes

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Lion Boy Toddler Costume


He’s a Teeny Tiny King of the Jungle! These Little Lion Man Toddler Costumes are SOOO cute and show a great range in can be done.

You’ll need some black eyeliner to draw on the nose and whiskers. If you want to put on more makeup than that, go for it! Hopefully your little lion man will leave it on long enough to take lots of cute pictures.



Homemade Lion Toddler Costume

Homemade Lion Toddler Costume


For the homemade version, find a little gold or white hoodie with matching pants. Grab your glue gun and create a mane using ribbon and/or fake fur. Take the matching colored pants and glue a tail made with a sock or more ribbon and some fake fur to the bottom.

Any way you do it, your little lion man will roar in this costume!



Buy a Little Lion Man Toddler or Infant Costume

There are a lot of really cute options to buy a lion costume for your toddler or infant. Check these out.


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