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Chinese Take-Out Box

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Make a Chinese take out box costume out of a box and a few other items that are found in the house!

You need-
-A fairly big size box, somewhere in between a microwave size box and an oven size box.
-White paint
-Red paint or marker
Optional- tan-ish yarn

So now that you have the materials, you might want to cover your area with newspaper or do it outside in the grass- just a suggestion.

So cut of the front and back flaps of the box but not the two side ones.

Then paint the whole outside of the box white.

Then find a Chinese symbol on the computer and write it on to your box with red marker or paint. If you are going with marker, I recommend Sharpie. Also, you can write “Take Out” or “Thanks!” or something that you might find on a Chinese box along those lines.

Let the paint dry and then make holes for the arms and legs. You don’t need a head hole, because the top of the box should be open with the left and right flaps hanging off.

If you did purchase the tan yarn, then you can use the glue and glue it around the sides of the top of the box to make it look like a popular Chinese dish, Lo Mein.

Hope this helped!

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