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Thor – Movie Inspired Costume by Jason

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Jason's Homemade Thor Costume

Awesome Details!

I made this costume for a Soccer club fundraiser. Being a huge fan of Thor and having just seen the movie I decided to create this costume. The Helmet and Hammer was purchased from and the wig was from a local hairdresser.

The armour is made from cheap pilates/yoga mats and made in 3 layers, using velcro and elastic to secure it in place. The shin guards were made from the same, and the platform boots made from rubber “Aussie” thongs.

I made pattern of the armour from several images found on the net and each pattern was scaled according to my height. Also under the armour I wore a pair of gridiron football pads. The grey undershirt was 3 sizes to small to create the tight body armour look, using black marker pens to make the scale effect.

The cape is a simple, single piece of fabric that was slightly tailored to hang correctly.

I also grew the beard for 4 weeks and had it bleached the day of the party.

The Back of Thor

The Cape!

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