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KFC Costume for Couple

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Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Colonel Sanders and Bucket Costume Couple

Hee! That's real fried chicken! People will love it!

Need a Finger Lickin’ Good KFC costume? Dress up as Colonel Sanders and a bucket of chicken!

This is a pretty easy costume to make and it’s homemade.

For the bucket, you can either use a tub or cardboard. Google KFC images, print and paste. If you’re an adult, you can secure the bucket with a duct tape in a halter-style around your neck. Fill the bucket with brown paper or real fried chicken! Beware of pets and hungry men!

For Colonel Sanders, head to the thrift store and find white pants and a white jacket. Grab some black ribbon to make his bow tie. Grab a wig or white spray-in hair coloring. Finish off with his beard and you’re all set!

One of the best parts of this costume is that you can use real Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets as your trick-or-treat buckets! Add a handle using duct tape and you’re all set!


Make this Couple Costume Funny

Instead of being a bucket, dress up as a chicken. Give Colonel Sanders a fake knife and have him chase you around all night. Hilarious!


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