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Zombie Couple Costumes

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Bunny Clown Zombie Couples Costume

Was my eye tasty?
photo by Imagery by Pete

What could be more bloody and gory than a Saw movie?? A Zombie Couple Costume!

There are soooo many ways you can make this legendary. Any sort of couple costume idea can be made into zombie with the right makeup and fake blood. It’s also easy and fast.

Here are some classic couple costume ideas for you to gore and zombie up!

  • Prom King & Queen
  • Adam & Eve
  • Cheerleader & Football Player
  • Confederate Soldier & Southern Belle
  • King & Queen Of Hearts
  • Mobster & Flapper
  • Pirate & Wench or Parrot
  • Caveman & Woman
  • Famous Couples, real or fictional

Want to be funny or original zombies? Try these:

  • Oxi-Clean & Billy Mays
  • KFC Colonel Sanders & Fried Chicken
  • Kanye West & Taylor Swift
  • Beer & Beer Pong Cup or Ping Pong Ball
  • Priest & Pregnant Nun
  • Plug & Socket
  • Tacky Travelers
  • Little Bo Peep & a Sheep
  • Bowling Ball & Pin
  • Sperm and Egg

And, of course, you need the visual. Here are how some people pull off these legendary zombie couple costumes!

Earl & The Mrs. Zombie

Zombie Couples Costumes

Earl! Did you find my curlers??
photo by • ian

Santa & Mrs. Claus Zombie Couple

Zombie Santa and Mrs. Claus Couple Costume

Zo Zo Zombie!
photo by

Bride & Groom Zombie Costume

Zombie Bride and Groom Kissing Couples Costume

Zombie Kiss!
photo by

Prom Zombie Couple Costume

Prom Zombies Couples Costume

Does this mean we miss Prom?
photo by Groovymarlin

Harry Potter Zombie Couple

Harry Potter Zombie Couple Costume

Zombie Jinx!
photo by brutha nick

Doctor & Nurse Zombie Couples Costume

Zombie Doctor and Nurse Couples Costume

Wanna Play Doctor?
photo by Alain-Christian


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