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Caveman Family Costume Idea

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Caveman Family Costume

Caveman Family Costume

Tarzan has nothing on this Caveman Family Costume Idea!

Grab yourself some animal printed fabric and get to toga making. If you live in a cold place, use a warmer fabric so you and your family can stay warm!

Grab some dog bones that look sorta realistic and use them in your hair and in your togas to add to the effect.

Have the kids go out and look for weapons: big sticks, spears, and rocks. They’ll love it and it’s a great, easy way to let them help!

Add to the effect with rotten teeth and drawing in unibrows with eyeliner. Then, make the kids happy by taking everyone and playing in dirt… the dirtier the better.

For the shoes, if you have warm boots, wear them! If not, any sort of sandals will work.

Throw a little toga on the dog or cat and you can really include the whole family!

This also works as a great last-minute costume idea. Grab and old sheet, get it dirty, and make it into a toga. Voila, costume!


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