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3 Fun Group Halloween Costume Ideas

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Need some Group Halloween Costume Ideas?? Here are a few…


Pilgrims and Turkey Group Costume

Halloween is less than a month before Thanksgiving so why not start early? Karaoke like these guys or have the pilgrims chase the turkey with a fake knife. Fun.

Pilgrim and Turkey Group Costume Idea

They're singing for America!


McDonald Crew

Who could forget the McDonaldland crew?? Sadly, kids these days may not recognize anyone but Ronald. It’s time to bring them back full-force costume style! This group costume idea rocks because it can have a lot of people with costumes that will stand on their own as well as be really cool in the group!

McDonald's Group Costume Idea

The McDonald's Crew - Officer Big Mac, Ronald, Hamburglar, Grimace, & Mayor McCheese


Kia Sock Monkey Commercial Group Costume Idea

That catchy Kia Commercial with the Sock Monkey & Friends makes a great Group Costume Idea. There are 5 characters in the commercial: sock monkey, teddy bear, furry guy, robot & Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba. Extra points if you drive around in a Kia.

Kia Commercial Group Costume Idea

Kia Commercial Group Costume Idea

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  1. Thanks for the ideas!

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